SMEs Finance

SME finance is a GEFIL financial instrument incentive to funding of energy need for small and medium-sized enterprises, and represents a major function of clean energy business finance market – in which solar powered system for different types of firms are supplied, acquired, and cost or priced.

GEFIL finance the SMEs in Finance Leasing

A finance lease is where Green Energy Financial Solutions (GEFIL) (the ‘lessor’) buys and installs the solar system and leases it to you for your use.

As the ‘lessee’ you are responsible for the solar system at the end of the lease at the residual value in the contract.

During the term of the lease you pay GEFIL a monthly installment. Once the repayment term ends, you pay the residual value at which time legal ownership is transferred to you after 12 or 24 months.

The key difference of  finance lease  is that ownership of the system at the end of the lease term is guaranteed.

A finance lease are recorded as an on-balance sheet entity.


  • Preserve your working capital with 100% financing.
  • Rental payments may be tax deductible if you use the asset to generate income.
  • Payments are fixed for the term of the agreement giving you certainty for budgeting purposes.
  • The residual value (based on ATO schedules) will lower your payments during the term.